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Go Green with Sila Geothermal

If you've never considered a geothermal heating and cooling system, consider this: geothermal uses natural, sustainable energy from the ground, making it environmentally clean as well as cost-effective. Sila can assess your property for feasibility, install and maintain your system, and even calculate the tax benefits and energy savings you stand to gain.

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Comfort, with a Conscience

Going green with Sila Geothermal is equivalent to planting an acre of trees. And that's just one reason it'll make you feel good!

  • Sustainability - Geothermal energy conserves natural resources and minimizes pollution.
  • Comfort Control - Geothermal systems automatically adjust to weather conditions and provide temperature and humidity consistency.
  • Safety and Cleanliness - Geothermal units have no flame, flue, odor, or fumes.
  • Reliability - With relatively few moving parts, geothermal units experience fewer breakdowns.
  • Versatility - A single geothermal unit delivers heat, central AC, and hot water.
  • Cost-efficiency - With geothermal, expect lower utility bills resulting from reduced heating, cooling, and hot water costs.


Save on what matters most: your comfort

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer financing? 

Absolutely. Whether you’re enhancing your home comfort with an additional system or replacing an older system, we make it easy with a number of payment and financing options. Your Sila comfort advisor can provide you with all your options and help you choose the best one for your situation.

Why are there cold or hot spots in my house?

Hot and cold spots in a home are not unusual. No matter what time of year you notice temperature swings in your home, you should investigate the problem as soon as you find it. Learn 4 common causes of hot or cold spots and find solutions to maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature throughout your home.