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Smart Thermostats Keep Every Room in Your Home Just The Right Temperature

March 14, 2022

With modern smart thermostats, it’s now possible to make your heating and cooling system keep your home at just the right temperature no matter where you are in the house. Odds are you have experienced a cold or hot room while your thermostat says everything should be just right. A drafty room or one that gets more sunshine in the summer can make you constantly adjust the temperature setting, and raise your bills, while never finding the perfect balance.

Remote Sensors give the thermostat a better idea of the temperature of your home

Traditionally, your HVAC system is controlled by a single thermostat located in a common area like a living room or family room. While new systems still have a single point of control, they can gather information from several different rooms in your house using remote sensors.

With the increase in home offices, some have found the spare room a bit uncomfortable. Adding remote sensors to this room would help your HVAC system focus on maintaining a more desirable temperature where you find yourself spending more time.

Most smart thermostat options like NEST, Ecobee, and Honeywell have the ability to add additional sensors in other parts of the house. These remote sensors communicate wirelessly so installation is quick and easy.

Remote sensors can also balance out the heat in a home with multiple forms of heating. If your home has a fireplace, it can be a great source of warmth and relaxation. But it can also make the rest of the house an ice chest if the thermostat is in the same room. Remote sensors can help maintain the rest of the house’s comfort while you relax near the fire.

While the addition of remote sensors does not offer the ability to directly control the system from each room, it can ensure your legacy system knows more about the home and works to ensure a more uniform temperature.

Remote control of thermostats – driving Dads crazy from anywhere

The temperature battle in a home is an age-old conflict. Constant adjustments up or down can cause premature wearing of HVAC systems and wildly fluctuating utility bills. One way to help control this is with a properly programmed or learning thermostat. Knowing when you are home and when you are away can help set the baseline for comfort. But sometimes your schedule changes and you may want a bit more heat in the room you are in, but don’t feel like getting up and running through the house to make an adjustment. Wifi connected thermostats offer the ability to change settings from your smartphone from any room or anywhere in the world.

Some smart thermostats even have voice controlled virtual assistants who can be asked to turn up or down the temp from your phone or any linked system in your home. You may already own smart devices that can communicate with your thermostat. For example, via the google assistant, you can ask your TV to turn up the heat in the house. This would have been science fiction 20 years ago.

While the new ways to remotely change the thermostat may not end the battle of the thermostat setting, it will give you some additional control in your efforts to make the family comfortable. Of course, this is after they all put on a sweater.

What to do if your thermostat can’t balance the room temperatures in your home

If you can’t find a balance of temperature settings that allow you to enjoy your entire home, it may be time to look at the supply side of the equation. Warm blankets and cooling fans can only accomplish so much if your current HVAC system treats each room the same. Our Sila team can review your existing heating and cooling system and make adjustments to how each room is fed warm or cold air. Our experts can also suggest improved systems and alternative options like mini-splits, which can provide targeted heating and cooling to problem areas of your home. Learn about the advantages of mini split ductless heating and cooling systems.

We are here to help

Be sure to talk with a Sila certified HVAC technician to review your options. Our team can provide an informed recommendation to help you decide which is the best thermostat control system for your home.

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