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Room Too Hot or Cold?

Whether you've remodeled or have a room that's just not as comfortable as the rest of your house, let Sila add the AC and heating. We'll make it easy, efficient, and seamless.

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Year-round Comfort in Every Room

If you're adding or remodeling a room, one of the most important decisions you'll make is how to heat and cool your new space. With Sila, that's one project you won't have to worry about. We have over thirty years of experience installing HVAC solutions for add-ons and remodels. Our system designers and certified installers will deliver the optimal solution for your home comfort, without disrupting construction or breaking your budget. Regardless of what type of house or HVAC system you currently have, we have options to meet your needs. So when it's time to build, you can count on year-round comfort with Sila.

Ductless Mini Split Above Sectional Sofa

Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless (also known as mini-split) units are an ideal solution for new or remodeled areas of your home. Because no ductwork is required, units can be placed in any room, including attics and garages. Moreover, mini-splits are discreet, whisper-quiet, and allow you to control temperatures separately for each room — saving you money on your electric bills. In addition, a mini-split system uses its own heat pump, so it doesn't affect your current HVAC system.

Want to learn more? Call us to find out how ductless mini-splits are the perfect solution for keeping your new space or any area of your house perfectly comfortable all year long.


Save on what matters most: Your comfort

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to tune-up my air conditioning system? 

Routine annual air conditioning and annual heating maintenance is the key to keeping your system running at its highest efficiency, keeping your utility bills in check and improving its life expectancy. Left unchecked, minor issues can lead to loss of efficiency, premature breakdown of components and a shorter lifespan. Annual service may also be a requirement to keep your system warranty valid. Many manufacturers state on warranty documentation that installation and maintenance by a licensed HVAC service provider are required as part of the warranty conditions.

Do I need to add refrigerant to my AC system every year? 

You should not have to. Refrigerant systems are closed loops and should not lose any capacity unless there is a leak or an issue with the system.

Can I add central air conditioning to my home that has radiator or baseboard heat? 

Yes. Sila specializes in adding central air conditioning to homes with radiator and baseboard heat. From high-velocity small duct systems to ductless mini splits, a Sila comfort advisor can provide a free assessment of your home to determine your options. No more window units!

Can I add a thermostat or zone for a specific area? 

Absolutely. We help optimize the heating and cooling for our customers so they can control their HVAC systems with multiple zones or temperature sensors.

Can I zone my existing air conditioning system? 

Some systems can be retroactively zoned. A Sila comfort advisor can provide a free assessment of your system to determine your options.

Do ductless mini splits offer heating and cooling capabilities? 

Yes. We offer mini split systems that handle both heating and air conditioning and keep your home just the perfect temperature! Read about the advantages of a mini split ductless heating and cooling system.