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Maximize Your Comfort and Minimize Your Costs with Sila’s Plumbing Service and Maintenance Plans

Enjoy peace of mind knowing Sila’s licensed professionals have your plumbing needs covered. We’re there for you 24/7, all year long.

Preventative Service
Sila’s expert technicians can perform whole-home plumbing safety inspections and leak checks to locate, diagnose, and correct any issues before they become big problems. Count on us to fix it right the first time, and save you from costly repairs later on.
Maintenance Plan
Enjoy peace of mind with Sila’s Plumbing Maintenance Plan. It includes a whole-home plumbing safety inspection, leak check and drain maintenance, as well as priority service. You’ll also get 10% off replacement parts, service calls, and 24/7 emergency service. Rest easy knowing that Sila has your home’s plumbing system protected all year long.

Plumbing Offers

Save on what matters most: your comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my toilet constantly run? 

Run-on toilets are a sign that something is not operating properly. The cause can be a problem with the tankball, the ballcock, intake valve, or the floatball. Our licensed plumbers can help get your toilet repaired and reduce excessive use of water.

How do I fix or prevent a pinhole leak in a copper pipe?

Pinhole leaks are unique to copper piping. Caused by corrosion, pinhole leaks are tiny holes that develop over time and can be a sign of systematic plumbing failure. Get a better understanding of the cause of pinhole leaks and how to prevent them, as well as recommendations on if and when it’s appropriate to replace your copper piping.

What causes premature sewer failure? 

Many factors can contribute. Issues we most often encounter are old and aging pipes, pipe corrosion, calcification, scale and tree roots. Our video inspection is critical to identifying the issue and fixing it the first time.

Can I put coffee grounds down the drain?

Coffee grounds may seem harmless, but they are actually one of the worst things to put down the drain. Read about other things that are unsafe to pour down the drain, as well as how to properly clean and maintain your garbage disposal.

Does a sump pump need maintenance?

Yes, sump pumps are invaluable when you need them, but they often sit for months without use. By performing simple routine care and maintenance you can keep your sump pump in tip-top shape so it is ready to bail you out when you need it most. Read our sump pump maintenance tips and learn the signs that your sump pump needs repair.