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Professional Plumbing Replacements and Installations

Count on Sila’s licensed, professional plumbing team to handle all of your home’s plumbing needs.

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Our Process

In-home Consultation
First, we visit your home to assess your plumbing system. During the visit, we'll provide a quote for installation and/or replacement.
Next, our installation experts will remove your old equipment if applicable, and install a new system. All Sila technicians undergo rigorous background checks, so you can always feel safe when we come to your home.
Call us to learn about our financing options for new installations and replacements.

Quality Whole-Home Plumbing Solutions

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Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures

Whatever type of plumbing upgrade you need for your kitchen or bathroom, from fixture upgrades to bathtub and toilet installations, trust Sila’s plumbing professionals to do the job right the first time, with your 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Faucets, Drains, and Sewer Line Repairs

Don’t let small plumbing problems become big issues. Sila’s licensed plumbing technicians will inspect, diagnose, and fix the problem quickly and reliably. Whether it’s a clogged drain or pipe, backed up sewer system, broken water line or any other issue, Sila has the plumbing expertise to do it right the first time and make sure you’re 100% satisfied. And if it’s an emergency, count on us to be there for you, any time day or night.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my toilet constantly run? 

Run-on toilets are a sign that something is not operating properly. The cause can be a problem with the tankball, the ballcock, intake valve, or the floatball. Our licensed plumbers can help get your toilet repaired and reduce excessive use of water.

What causes premature sewer failure? 

Many factors can contribute. Issues we most often encounter are old and aging pipes, pipe corrosion, calcification, scale and tree roots. Our video inspection is critical to identifying the issue and fixing it the first time.