Frozen pipes are no good. They create a huge mess, are difficult & costly to fix, and can cause disruptions in your day. Even worse, they rarely happen when you’re home. That means that water can be pouring into your house for hours. So, how do we stop that from happening?

Protect & Prevent

Keep the house warm

Never turn your heating system off on cold days. You’ll want to keep your system on while you go on vacations. Anything above 55° will help prevent your pipes from freezing. If you would like to be able to monitor and change the temperature of your house even when you’re not around, we can install a Nest Thermostat!

Allow your faucets to drip


A pipe busts due to extreme pressure from expanding ice. This can happen to your pipes regardless of what they’re made of. Opening the faucet gives the pressure a chance to escape through the spout. If you think there’s a chance of your pipes freezing, open your faucet to let it drip.

Insulate your pipes

Insulation protects your pipes from extreme temperatures. Troubled pipes can be located in your crawl space, basement, garage, or near the exterior of your home. Applying insulation only takes a few hours but can provide peace of mind. This process can be completed by one of our certified technicians or a savvy home owner.


Apply electric heat tape

If you’ve tried insulating a pipe and it still freezes, we can apply electric heat tape to the pipe. The heat tape is on demand heat that can be turned on in a pinch. This is perfect if you have one troubled pipe and there are no other solutions.

In a pinch?

If you have a chance to catch a frozen pipe before it busts open, use some of the following items to thaw it out:

  • Space Heater
  • Hair Drier
  • Lamp
  • Towels soaked in hot water

Do NOT use anything with an open flame. Please be conscious of condensation and dripping water if your heat source requires electricity.

Please reach out to us if you want more information on this topic!

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