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Go Green with Sila Geothermal

If you've never considered a geothermal heating and cooling system, consider this: geothermal uses natural, sustainable energy from the ground, making it environmentally clean as well as cost-effective. Sila can assess your property for feasibility, install and maintain your system, and even calculate the tax benefits and energy savings you stand to gain.

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Comfort, with a Conscience

Going green with Sila Geothermal is equivalent to planting an acre of trees. And that's just one reason it'll make you feel good!

  • Sustainability - Geothermal energy conserves natural resources and minimizes pollution.
  • Comfort Control - Geothermal systems automatically adjust to weather conditions and provide temperature and humidity consistency.
  • Safety and Cleanliness - Geothermal units have no flame, flue, odor, or fumes.
  • Reliability - With relatively few moving parts, geothermal units experience fewer breakdowns.
  • Versatility - A single geothermal unit delivers heat, central AC, and hot water.
  • Cost-efficiency - With geothermal, expect lower utility bills resulting from reduced heating, cooling, and hot water costs.


Save on what matters most: your comfort

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer financing? 

Absolutely. Whether you’re enhancing your home comfort with an additional system or replacing an older system, we make it easy with a number of payment and financing options. Your Sila comfort advisor can provide you with all your options and help you choose the best one for your situation.